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Director, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Tulsa, OK

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job Summary
Responsible for owning, executing, and evolving the agency’s DEI strategy and for supporting the agency’s strategic goals in the context of DEI, including but not limited to: develop tailored strategies to drive DEI initiatives throughout the agency; recommend and implement inclusive policies, programs, and processes; serve as a strategic partner to leaders across the agency to increase and sustain DEI orientation in their work; identify, track, and report on key DEI metrics for internal and external audiences; measure effectiveness of DEI strategies and recommend changes as necessary; cultivate a DEI identity for the agency rooted in research, best practice, Core Values, and organizational voice; act as a credible and persuasive voice for DEI priorities within and outside the organization. This position will leverage tactics to ensure that our culture represents our values, in which we draw our strength from our diversity, everyone contributes, and everyone belongs. Formulates strategic direction in keeping with the overall organization mission, with executive guidance; provides overall guidance to management. Establishes functional policies and makes decisions, within overall strategic direction, with top management guidance. Solves complex technical or strategic problems; applies technology or business approaches in new ways; develops and recommends new alternatives. Regular interaction to communicate or negotiate important agreements, requiring considerable tact, sense of timing and the ability to engender trust, plus sensitivity to diverse audiences.
Responsibilities/Essential Functions
Ensure that agency strategic plan and goals are reflective of DEI lens and priorities
Act as a DEI subject matter expert and share diversity-related issues, legislation, best practices, and insights, and how this interrelates to other initiatives within the organization; conduct research, benchmarking, regularly analyze DEI metrics, and present findings and recommendations for change
Recommend and implement strategies to ensure that all staff voices are heard and integrated into DEI goals and priorities; recommend internal structures for advancing inclusion (such as ERGs, etc.); develop consistent communication and feedback mechanisms to ensure agency is able to identify, discuss, and address DEI issues affecting staff, clients, and community
Drive leadership awareness, commitment, and accountability for the employee and client experience; implement equity action plans as necessary
Lead, collaborate, and partner across the organization to increase cultural awareness and build cultural proficiency; lead internal conversations on racism and equity; advance internal cultural competency through training and dialogue; work with stakeholders to ensure that programs and policies support the unique needs and opportunities of culturally specific populations; effectively exert influence at all levels within the organization
Partner with HROD to: amplify the agency’s value proposition to diverse candidate populations; design and implement strategies for recruiting, retaining, and developing employees and leaders of color and others in underrepresented groups; educate and coach people managers on inclusive leadership behavior and ways to enhance diversity and inclusion on their teams; develop and/or facilitate training and professional development programs to support the understanding and active practice of DEI principles
Partner with Marketing to: communicate the agency’s DEI commitment, practices, accomplishments, and learnings internally and externally; ensure that agency brand is aligned with and supportive of DEI commitment; highlight stories on agency Website and Careers page to attract diverse candidates; help frame DEI message for funders and other external stakeholders
Partner with program leadership to ensure that service offerings and service delivery models are equitable and culturally responsive, and with administrative leadership to ensure that employee-centered policies and practices are equitable
Oversee DEI scope, budget, and schedule
Perform other duties as assigned or requested


Required Education/Experience
Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Business, Education, or related field preferred. A Bachelor’s degree with additional, advanced study/continuing education in applicable area is required
Minimum 5 years’ experience advocating for and implementing DEI strategies and programs within a business environment; non-profit experience preferred
Understanding of culturally specific and DEI-related resources available within the community and how to engage these resources
Demonstrated understanding of cultural values and norms of various communities (e.g., communities of color, LGBTQ , etc.); sensitivity to and understanding of specific barriers which may lead to lack of access and engagement among these populations
Effective intercultural communication skills; ability to effectively interact with coworkers and clients with diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious views, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, and sexual orientation, and to treat each individual with respect and dignity
Highly developed consultative and influence skills; experience leading teams and affinity groups
Ability to communicate in languages other than English (in addition to English) preferred, particularly Spanish
Deep content knowledge of the diversity, equity, and inclusion research base and best practices
Proven track record of success engaging with communities of color, LGBTQ communities, differently abled persons, and persons of varying religious persuasions, ages, and genders
A strong listener able to build a robust network of partnerships across the organization and community to help achieve the agency’s DEI goals
Strong interpersonal skills; able to quickly establish credibility to develop, collaborate with, handle conflicting points of view, and manage productive relationships with internal and external individuals and partners; ability to engage with diverse staff and leadership to engender trust
Able to remain solution-focused and respectful in all interactions with staff, vendors, external partners; able to provide constructive feedback and have crucial conversations
Able to influence stakeholders, take initiative, multi-task, and work well under pressure
Advanced organizational skills, efficiency skills, and excellent attention to detail with a demonstrated commitment to completing assignments on a timely basis.
Able to follow oral and written instructions with ability to read, interpret, and present information efficiently and effectively.
Must maintain strict confidentiality of extremely sensitive data, records, files, conversations, etc.
Intermediate-Advanced MS Office skills
Sense of Mission: Demonstrated commitment to, and passion for, the mission of the organization.
Informing: Provides timely information that people need to do their jobs and to feel good about being members of a team; provides accurate information so that others may make decisions; fosters open dialogue.
Directing: Provides clear and supportive direction; sets priorities clearly and appropriately; can quickly sense and act on what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal; eliminates obstacles; adheres to a model of sharing, caring, and cooperation; distributes workload in an organized and well-planned manner; allows people to be responsible for their own work; demonstrates appropriate sense of mission-critical issues; spends own time and time of others on what’s important; good manager of time, people, and projects; directs and manages to bring out the best in others.
Decision-Making: Makes decisions in a timely manner; uses orderly decision methods and models; makes good decisions based on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment; able to make decisions quickly; delegates both routine and important tasks and decisions; designs feedback loops into work.
Leadership Capability: Demonstrated talent and capability as a leader, with the ability to select competent performers, serve as a coach and mentor, build and motivate teams, build consensus for change and innovation, and accomplish desired results working with and through others.
Approachability: Easy to approach; good at focused listening; sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others; pleasant demeanor; demonstrates an interest in people, with the ability to quickly develop rapport in new situations and to work with and relate to personnel at all organizational levels.
Action-Oriented: Able to analyze data and options and make decisions; willing to take risks; not fearful of acting without 100% of information; able to define expectations and end results, develop associated measurement criteria, and assess organizational performance in relation to goals and expectations.
Essential Physical & Mental Requirements
Employee is subject to standing, stooping, walking, lifting, and carrying objects throughout daily job performance. Work is a normal office environment. Intermittent effort involving lifting of amounts between 5 and 25 pounds required. Work requires moderate attention to detail and deadlines between 15% and 45% of the time. Driving is required intermittent.

About the Company

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