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METCO - DEI Director

Sharon, MA 02067

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


Oversight of District Efforts to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Collaborate with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Student Services, Director of Data and Accountability, Director of Human Resources and the Director of Finance in leading equity and inclusion efforts in the district
Evaluate existing programs and practices to identify gaps and opportunities for growth in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the district.
Convene and help to lead a district-wide equity and inclusion team
Lead the development of programs and practices to support and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the district.
Support improved mechanisms to report and respond to incidents related to discrimination bias
Collaborate with the leadership team to ensure effective recruitment, hiring, retention, and support processes for educators and staff who identify within marginalized populations.
District/School support:

Guide the district in its efforts to build safe, welcoming, and affirming spaces for all students, staff, families, caregivers and community members, mindful of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, primary language, sexual identity or orientation, ability or disability, country of origin, or any other identity category or characteristics.
Support and guide the work and the critical self-examination necessary to allow for sustained and systemic improvements throughout the district as it seeks to disrupt inequity, understand and appreciate diversity, and improve inclusion
Support the development of a district plan and initiatives aimed at improvements in areas of DEI

Collaborate with school leadership and school equity teams to promote equity and inclusion
Work closely with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction to create staff PD to build positive school climates, support diversity initiatives and programs, and develop strategies to support historically marginalized peoples.
Collaborate with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Coordinators, the Director of Student Services, and the Metco Director to ensure staff are trained to identify bias in curriculum materials and classroom resources and utilize culturally responsive teaching strategies


Core skills/requirements

Strong management skills and experience of leadership in public education
Demonstrated experience working with students from an urban community and from diverse cultural backgrounds
Experience leading racial equity and anti-bias initiatives
A proven track record of navigating complex issues successfully
Significant experience collecting and disaggregating data to drive decision making
Strong ability to teach complex issues to a wide range of learners
Demonstrated excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
Strong computer skills
Master’s degree or higher preferred
Administrator (Supervisor/Director, Principal/AP, Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent) certification preferred

About the Company

The METCO/ District-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Director will oversee the METCO program and lead and support DEI efforts for the Sharon Public Schools. Responsibilities include oversight of district activities aimed to improve equity and inclusion including family and community engagement related to these issues, training and coaching of faculty, staff and other key stakeholders, and consultation and collaboration with key district leadership and community stakeholders.


Coordinates all activities related to the operation of the METCO program for the Sharon Public Schools (SPS)
Prepares periodic updates to the Superintendent and a yearly evaluation report to the School Committee by utilizing recent data on school achievement, social and community involvement
Formulates recommendations for the Superintendent regarding the process for enrolling new students into the METCO program and facilitates appropriate policy recommendations relating to the METCO program, as appropriate, for School Committee consideration
Monitors the achievement of students enrolled in the METCO program
Collaborate with principals, the Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and Student Services Director to identify data to utilize in analyzing the program's effectiveness
Formulates recommendations to maintain and improve the academic and social achievement of students enrolled in the METCO program
Collaborates with METCO, Inc., the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and principals to select and assign students to schools
Screens and selects applicants for the Sharon METCO program
Ensures maximum participation of students enrolled in the METCO program in extra-curricular activities and organizes activities for students and families enrolled in the program
Works closely with the Assistant Superintendent and Business Manager to prepare and implement the METCO budget and program proposal, as well as other submissions required by the DESE
Hires, supervises and evaluates all METCO staff in collaboration with the principals
Serves as liaison between Sharon METCO staff and the broader METCO program by attending appropriate meetings of METCO, Inc., providing presentations and visibility to the community
Provides orientation and coordinates communication about the METCO program for urban and suburban parents, staff and citizens. Serves as liaison between staff, parents and students.
Acts as the primary public representative of the SPS for METCO. Serves as liaison between METCO, Inc. and the SPS
Ensures that appropriate procedures and methods of documentation are in place so that principals, counselors and teachers can provide students enrolled in the METCO program and their parents with the needed assistance and provide adequate communication
Develops and oversees a host family support group for students and their families
Works with colleagues to strengthen the system's understanding of and belief in cultural competency within the curriculum, and among the student and staff populations

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