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Student Equity and Success, Director

Porterville, CA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


Representative Duties
1. Provide leadership to the operation of all Student Equity and College Equity Plan components. This may include oversight of college programs and services for disproportionately impacted student communities. Accept overall responsibility for meeting compliance requirements, reports, budgets, and monitoring timelines, and quality of outcomes.

2. Lead the ongoing analysis and evaluation on campus-wide student equity and achievement needs. Oversee the development and delivery of student equity achievement information, trainings, materials, workshops, seminars, programs, professional development, etc. Assess the effectiveness of student equity and achievement efforts against the goals and objectives of the Student Equity Plan.

3. Plan, organize, and implement long and short-term programs and activities designed to develop assigned programs and services including programs, interventions and activities to offer academic student support.

4. Support the college’s focus of improving lives through education, including providing a welcoming, safe, and equitable educational and working experience for all students, staff and faculty.

5. Develop and maintain collaborative and productive partnerships with curricular and co-curricular departments on campus to promote co-sponsorship and collaboration with focuses on created opportunities for facilitated discussions around social justice, social change, and identity issues relevant to Porterville College students.

6. Develop and oversee the organizational infrastructure for diversity, equity, and inclusion for the purpose of meeting the needs of the campus community.

7. Cultivate and advance collaborations and joint efforts to support students, departments, and the campus community related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

8. Develop solutions to address equity issues and improve student achievement; coordinate with other College and community-based student support programs and initiatives to provide an integrated model for Student Success.

9. Implement strategies to close achievement gaps for underrepresented and disproportionate students in key areas such as access, course completion, degree/certificate completion, and transfer.

10. Develop and administer budgets in accordance with the terms of the fund award and maintain funds. Manage budget allocation, expenditures and related financial activities for assigned areas for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits and fiscal practices are followed.

11. Work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration to establish and implement a vision for the college’s equity plan, as well as ensuring that all Guided Pathways work is aligned and focused through as equity-minded perspective and vision.

12. Coordinate Professional Development efforts in a centralized campus approach. Plan and promote professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Develop and provide training related to basic needs, student equity and achievement.

13. Work with community leaders to achieve the mission of serving diverse communities through collaboration, innovation, and partnerships.

14. Supervise and coordinate department planning and operations; fiscal and personnel management, including hiring and assignment of counselors and support staff; supervision, development and evaluation of all staff; development and management of budgets; etc.

15. Assist the Vice President of Student Services and the Vice President of Instruction, to accomplish the mission and goals of the college, division, and related areas. Work closely with Institutional Research to gather, interpret and present data on students, student progress, and student success indicators in order to enhance instructional effectiveness and support enrollment management efforts.

16. Perform other duties as assigned or required.

Minimum Qualifications
• Master’s degree from an accredited college/university, preferably in educational management, educational organization, educational leadership, Public Administration, Cultural and/or Ethnic Studies, Social Ecology, Intercultural Communication or related field.

• Three years of progressively responsible administrative experience in higher education, especially with managing student service/supports, equity, and retention programs.

• Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of community college students and employees.

• Demonstrated leadership in developing and providing services for first generation, low-income and at-risk, and enabling student success for underserved, at-risk students.

Knowledge and Abilities
Knowledge of:

• The mission of the California Community College; community college and instructional programs, regulations and policies; principles of employer employee relations; and principles in the administration of personnel services.

• Methods and techniques of leadership and management; principles and practices of program development and administration, including knowledge of budgeting; modern office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers and applicable software.

• California Education Code, FERPA, Title 5, Chancellor’s Office administrative procedures, Federal laws and regulations and other legal parameters affecting the policies and practices of the student success and equity of the College.

• Evaluation and statistical methodology for preparation of statistical research and reports.

• Principles of student development administration at the community college level; leadership and management principles and techniques.

• Higher Education equity student services programs and processes proven to close the achievement gaps amongst disproportionately served students as well as the California Community College Vision 2022 goals.

• Student Success Strategies.

• Social Justice, diversity, and equity concepts and practices

• Principles and practices of administration, supervision, evaluation and training.

• Database management techniques.

• Principles of employer-employee relations.

• Computer operations/data processing systems.

• Accounting, budgeting and fiscal reporting.

Ability to:

• Work as part of a management team dedicated to collaboration and the college goal of integrating instruction and student services as a way to create and maintain a supportive student-learning environment.

• Exercise group leadership skills, which emphasize collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, and problem solving in an environment of shared governance

• Lead and facilitate the practical use of computer and instructional technology to facilitate and support student services and staff productivity;

• Use effective written communication, including reporting and funding proposal reports, etc.

• Research, evaluate, and analyze data and prepare and present comprehensive, coherent, and effective oral and written reports.

• Effectively interact with persons of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

• Apply legal and policy provisions to various problems consistently and correctly.

• Establish and maintain cooperative and helping working relations with students, staff and community agencies to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

• Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals and program requirements

• Plan and organize work and manage competing activities to meet established timelines and deadlines.

About the Company

The Student Equity & Success Director serves as the College’s expert on culturally responsive practices that support an equity focused institution serving diverse students. The Director will lead, plan, organize, and manage student equity and achievement efforts to close the achievement gaps for underrepresented student groups and advance the College’s mission. The leadership role is responsible for the college’s adherence to guidelines, polices, and procedures outlined in the College’s Student Equity Plan and maintains strategic vision to ensure it continues to serve the needs of Porterville College students and other stakeholders.

The Student Equity & Success Director must have the capacity for teamwork and for developing sensitive working relationships with students, faculty, and staff; have the ability to manage thoughtful personal, political and institutional dynamics related to diversity and social justice issues in schools; be a self-starter with communication skills; and have a deep concern and passion for people. The Director will be responsible for creating an institutional framework to aid the College’s equity and social justice planning efforts. The director will champion the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive college environment and will be responsible for the development and management of initiatives that will support and grow the cultural competence and education of our faculty and staff in support of Porterville College students.

The position reports to the President or designee. This assignment may include evening and/or weekend work hours.

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